Silkscreen “Manchas Verdes II”.


Silkscreen Segovia Manchas Verdes II. Hand screenprinted graphic print. The paper is acid free. A screenprint is created by pushing coloured ink through a screen. The screen is a finely woven polyester mesh stretched over a frame which supports a stencil. The stencil has been created using a UV light sensitive emulsion exposed to a hand cut paper positive which recreates the image as a stencil on the screen.The print comes in different colours and on different papers.Designed, signed numbered and stamped by the artist in Segovia-Spain.

Title: Segovia Manchas Verdes II

Artist: Lucía Huertas.

Technique: Silkscreen. 6 inks.Size: 25 x 32 cm

Paper: Canson Montval 300gr

Edition: 1/60 al 60/60 with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

  • The frames are all made in our workshop, with nationally manufactured beech molding, and acid-free passe-partout.
  • The frameless option presents the work prepared on foam board (to give it rigidity) and is finished off with a 25-micron plastic shrink wrap.

The price of framing includes special handling and shipping box as it is a delicate product.

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Hand screenprinted graphic print. The paper is acid free. Designed, signed, numbered and stamped by the artist and “montón de trigo montón de paja” studio. Print run of 60 units. Varied Edition.



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