Medium Infinity Earrings


Infinity Medium collection earrings.

Size: 3 x 2 x 0,4 cm

Handmade by Grao Gayoso in Zaragoza. Handmade tradition and design.

Material: cellulose acetate, the only plastic of vegetable origin.



Infinity Medium collection earrings.

The main component of these Grao Gayoso earrings is cellulose granules, which are prepared with renewable sources such as cotton flower and wood pulp. Successive mixtures with plasticizers, additives and colorants give the final product the desired characteristics of flexibility, strength and color.

The result is translucent, transparent or colorfast cellulose acetate sheets.
Vegetables and minerals are used to give the sheets a wide range of shapes and colors.

The natural origin of the product gives it a set of particular characteristics that can hardly be found in synthetic resins, such as transparency and gloss. Pleasant touch and smooth surface, excellent acoustic characteristics and a sonority similar to that of wood. Excellent chemical resistance to oils and greases.

Good resistance to light and aging. Due to its vegetable origin it does not cause allergies.


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