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This is JinGoo, a speaker, ambient light (three levels of intensity) and bluetooth, the perfect combination of oriental aesthetics and excellent sound quality, which helps you escape the accelerated pace of life, creating a pleasant atmosphere for any space. All created in wood, porcelain and metal.

Its creators are DAQI CONCEPT, a team based in Taiwan that has incorporated locally unique materials and culture into the design of electronic products.

The Taiwanese city of Yingge is famous for hosting ceramic crafts and occupies an important place in the world ceramic industry. In addition, since Taiwan is an island located in a subtropical region, it was known in the last century for its exports of wood products.

This white Hwamei is known as the “lucky bird” in Chinese folk tales.

The rare and precious race sings a pleasant song, its elegant pure white color is a symbol of nobility.

It has a size of 18 x 18 x 28 cm, weighs 790gr, has two years warranty and a brush to clean it.

Perfect example of a combination of traditional craftsmanship and technology. Beautiful things for a modern lifestyle.

The firm has been awarded prestigious international design awards such as the Good Design Award, the IDA Design Award and the A´Design Award.